Personalized Greetings

Prompt: Jargon

Hello Wednesday,

It is twenty minutes past four in the afternoon, and time to turn on some indoor lights.

What a short day you were, Wednesday.

This isn’t helped by the Fall Backward clock adjustment out of Daylight Savings Time, which makes it a little lighter a little earlier while I am still asleep. I’m one of the millions in favour of DST ATT, Daylight Savings, All The Time. Who doesn’t love daylight? And savings?

My doctor recently recommended a “happy light”, which I expose my eyeballs to for twenty minutes a day with the intention of elevating my mood from dark winter blahs to bright happy bloops.

How did our primitive ancestors survive without Daylight Savings or happy lights? Do we tend to invent solutions for problems that we create? In other words, what is stopping me from going outside and staring in the direction of the sun for twenty minutes?

Commerce, that’s what. My purchase of the happy light provided income or other benefits to researchers, inventors, manufacturers, factory workers, doctors, and governments (by way of sales tax) all over the world.

Plus, there’s a chance I may graduate from blahs to bloops.

In celebration of this transformation, and in very tenuous connection to the prompt, “jargon”, may I present a few of my favourite cartoons?

cartoon corkage fee

csrtoon email spam


cartoon greetings

Peace and gloves,


Best of Seven

Prompt: Should

Hello Wednesday!

Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

While “please” and “thank you” are magic words, “I should have”, “could have”, “would have” are words of doom and regret. Or anyway, of wistful longing or face-palming annoyance.

This past week my brother has been visiting, just as winter finally struck the valley. He managed to drive up during a break in the cold and snow— a weather window— and while he was here the winter temps and wind conditions grew more and more precipitous. He wasn’t able or prepared to stay for a month, so how to best judge the right moment to climb into his snow-tired vehicle and brave the mountain passes for six hours?

He could stay on an extra week no problem, but the forecasts for later in the month were for even colder, more wintery weather which might not break until March. So we collectively decided that today, Wednesday, February 13 was The Day, the weather window. No snow predicted, clearer skies, warmer temperatures.

As an aside, the snow here in our valley has been of the light, sparkly, twinkly, powder kind, not the heavy wet dump of mountain communities or the coast. So there was the element of leaving the safe, pretty snow for the dense, dangerous kind.

There is no surprise ending. Aside from navigating through the briefest of blizzards half an hour after his departure, brother had no problems and drove through the mountain passes and highways and byways without much problem, although he passed countless abandoned cars and trucks in the ditches, remnants of yesterday’s storms. This morning the drivers of those vehicles could be heard throughout the land, cursing: “I shoulda waited until Wednesday.”

Unrelated to winter driving conditions but to today’s prompt, “should”, may I present a few of my favourite cartoons?

cartoon should crap

cartoon solar coolercartoon best of seven

Wherever you are, enjoy your weather windows (even if they are only of the looking-through kind)!


Winter Wonderland and Mud

Ever wonder what it is like driving through the Rocky Mountain passes in winter? Here is a very short sample of our drive back to the interior of British Columbia from Vancouver, after Christmas:

Road conditions were actually good, since there was no ice and decent visibility on this trip.

The highest point of the Crowsnest Highway between Hope and Princeton is Allison Pass (el. 1,342 m or 4,403 ft), which is in the middle of Manning Provincial Park.

Weekly Photo Challenge Prompt: Seasons
Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.