As Seen on TV

Prompt: Television

Hello Wednesday,

Has television become the focus of our lives? It occupies a prominent, if not the most prominent, position in our homes, we stare at it for many hours a day, use it as a source for news, gossip, education, and entertainment both inspiring and trivial, and we are likely to lose our minds if the cable goes out and we are stuck in a room with a silent yawning black hole instead of the thing that we build routines around.

When I got my first apartment my roomie and I were on a tight budget so thought we’d forego the television set— and yes, this was partly a social experiment on our part. How did we spend our evenings? I remember filling many diary volumes, working on crafty projects, going out a lot, reading, studying (when not in school I was generally taking night courses), and having friends visit. I also remember going into work every day and not participating in the ubiquitous “Did you see…?” recap about the previous night’s TV events. Most importantly, I remember not missing it! The apartment, humble as it was, was always a serene and calming refuge and not a distracting noise box. When my roommate moved on to another city, my new housemate got us a tiny old black and white TV, and thus ended the experiment.

As I examine my TV habits I can’t help but notice how remarkably distractible I am even when I am watching a program I deliberately scheduled, by my iPad mostly, catching up on mail and messages, news, following links and so on, but I also fidget, talk on the phone, do my nails, wander around, doodle, fold laundry, browse magazines, make tea, add ice to my wine, make lists. I honestly don’t know if television shows are less fascinating or whether my ability to focus on anything has eroded into near non-existence. I suspect the latter. How about you?

Related to my television pondering and today’s prompt, may I now present a few of my favourite cartoons?

cartoon tv book

cartoon as seen on tv book

cartoon cat tv

Love, peace and serene refuge,


I Dream of Jean

Prompt: Genie

I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair
Borne, like a vapor, on the summer air;
I see her tripping where the bright streams play
Happy as the daisies that dance on her way…

The above is a lovely, sentimental song written by Stephen Foster, which was eventually punned to this:

My mother’s name was Jean, and I think of her whenever I hear either the song or the TV series theme song, and also when I hear this:

I miss my mother, and do dream about her.

And in lieu of getting all weepy, may I present a few of my favourite cartoons, only the first one of which is related to the daily prompt, “genie”?

cartoon dog genie

cartoon web troll

cartoon shrink lifeguard

Have a happy, sunny week!


The 6 o’clock News

Prompt: Perfection


Mark: In tonight’s news, local man acquitted in sexual assault trial; and, is there a spy among us?; some disturbing news about the city zoo and why it’s taking a hit; and, from Lydia the Travel Lady: are you paying too much for cruise excursions?

Marsha: In breaking news, the wife of Vincent Demarco, who was brutally cut down in the prime of his life last month, speaks out. Mark, the police have few leads and Demarco’s family and friends want closure. But even after extensive investigation, the killer remains on the loose!

Mark: That’s right Marsha. We’ll have an exclusive interview with Deborah Demarco, Vincent’s grieving wife, later on in the broadcast but first… did you say loose? Because you’ll want to wear some cool, loose clothing this weekend, Marsha– there’s a hot one ahead!

Marsha: Perfect barbecue weather, Mark! And Karen and Geoff have some summer grilling recipes that will knock your socks off!

Mark: There was some testimony at the Jenny X sexual assault trial, just leaked, that will also knock your socks off!

Marsha: It’s tragic, Mark. Also tragic: what unsuspecting tourists are paying for alleged antiques in cruise ship ports of call!

Mark: All this and more coming up after this message from Global Insurance…

Marsha: Remember: “Global is Local, and You Matter!”