Don’t Pass the Pretzels

Prompt: The Wanderer

Vietnamese soup

I hate flying. I hate the line ups, the stupid regulations, the inconvenient, inconsistent, and inefficient “security” measures, the tiny seats with no leg room, the greed of the airlines, pretzels, the reclining seats, lost luggage, jet lag, the lack of fresh air in a plane, and yet more line ups. So I don’t fly any more. I actually get stressed just thinking about it.

I don’t miss flying, but I miss the destinations. Most of my travel has been in Europe, but I’ve also been to many parts of the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii, and to Zimbabwe, and drove across Canada once, with the dog.

If I had a private plane (hint, hint, whoever is my Secret Santa this year) I would definitely return to Italy and some other European destinations, but for adventure I would go where the food is. Vietnam, or Thailand, whose cuisines I love. Perhaps I would throw in a temple or two, but the Pho and Pad Thai would be my real reason for going.