Living My Life

Prompt: Foggy

Oh, Wednesday,

This is our family reunion weekend, so I am spinning in circles trying to get ready. Spring was so late that summer, and this weekend, crept up on me!

Fog rhymes with dog. That’s all I got. Please enjoy a few of my favourite rather odd dog cartoons:

cartoon dog more in life

cartoon dog cat

cartoon dog cat smell

…Running to make another list, while pausing to hug my own dog,



Relish and Day 6

Prompt: Relish


Hobbes was a wise tiger, whose advice was: Truly experience and relish and have fun with everything you do in life.

Hard to do, of course, because we are all so “uptight” about our duties and responsibilities. I was thinking about alcohol and drugs, and how what they really do for us is to break down barriers, allow us to feel what we feel and to express what has never been expressed, and that somehow our day to day lives inhibit our freedom to enjoy without thought of consequence.

Writing allows that kind of exhilarating freedom. One thing about NaNoWriMo and the relentless demand for 1600 words per day, is that you just write, you get the words on the page, and sometimes the immediacy takes you on an unexpected journey of discovery. (And, there is no hangover.)

Here’s to Day 6 of Nano, which I have so far neglected, but might attack with relish once I can relax and focus.

My life and times? No, thanks.

Prompt: This Is Your Life
If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

late bloomer

My life. Hmm.

There is a lot I would love to relive, much I would like to relive and react differently, and a fair bit I would not want to repeat or be reminded about.

Would love to relive: the travel times. Never feel quite so alive as when I am entranced and challenged by a new place or culture. Yet I don’t travel any more.

Relive and react differently: a lot of my 20’s. I was a late bloomer, and should have figured out most of the confusing stuff by my early 20s. But I was just coming into my own then, feeling my power, and making tons of mistakes, inadvertently, and not always acting wisely.

Would not want to repeat or be reminded about: my early high school years. Nightmarish. Ugly, awkward, grossly shy, gangly, poor, and friendless.

This book would presumably contain details of my future. While there are undoubtedly things to look forward to, losing people is not one of them.

So, thanks, but I think I’ll pass on the book. Which doesn’t mean it won’t be a best seller.