Legal Drugs

Prompt: Law

Dear Wednesday,

I wonder what the world would be like if there were laws that penalized or even incarcerated liars?

Think of anti-vaxxers, who put the world (yes, the world) in jeopardy of preventable disease pandemics. Or YouTube conspiracy theorists who bully the innocent and terrorize the gullible. Or policy-makers who claim devotion to bettering the human condition while taking bribes to do the opposite. Or a big fat Orange Foolius who lies multiple times daily and renders a entire nation laughable, harmful, and ineffectual all at once.

And he doesn’t even cross his tiny fingers.

…Quick, a diversion! Like you and the entire population of the Universe, I am sick to death of you-know-who. So may I present a few of my favourite cartoons, more or less related to today’s prompt, “law”?

cartoon divorce

cartoon higher court

cartoon legal drugs

Peace, love, and good health,


High Praise

Prompt: Praise


“You are the best friend I ever had,” said Bonnie.

“That is high praise coming from someone who was neglected as a child, bullied by her schoolmates, abused by her husband, and incarcerated by the state,” said Miss Fisher.

“Still…” said Bonnie.

“I understand, dear,” said Miss Fisher kindly. They were sitting on a wooden bench that faced the running track, watching the dedicated go round and round, on an overcast, humid day, as they shared an orange Popsicle.

Miss Fisher was taking a break from her studies. The instructor treated her with benign condescension because of her advanced age, but Miss Fisher was perfectly confident she would eventually pass the bar exam quite handily. After all, what else was there to occupy her intense, deeply curious, and agile mind while she served a life sentence?

Then, her real work would begin.