Strategic Nudity

Prompt: Laughter

Dear Wednesday, and dear Mama,

Today’s birthday girl and the Daily Prompt, Laughter, couldn’t have been been more brilliantly matched.

Happy Birthday, Mum. I love you. I miss you every day. You had a difficult life, a struggle, that culminated, I hope, in a wonderfully happy marriage and four non-criminal children. You certainly deserved all the happiness that came to you, finally.

One of of my favourite memories of you is your laughter jiggles. You kept many emotions to yourself, but oh, how you loved to laugh. So when you laughed, your whole body vibrated, and your laughter was entirely silent but contagious and irresistible. You taught me that laughter was valuable and important, and that has been a positive and hugely meaningful influence my entire life. It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of finding joy in all the hidden corners of a life, especially during the hopeless, difficult times.

I’ll post a few of my favourite cartoons, as it is Wednesday, then withdraw to think about my mother and the joy she brought!

cartoon stratigic nudity

cartoon trump scandal

cartoon too late roger



Nick of Time

Prompt: Chuckle

Dear Wednesday,

Well, “chuckle” is an easy prompt to work with on a Wednesday! Before I present a few of my favourite cartoons, may I share a current favourite joke, which is completely ridiculous, kind of strange, very short, and not very funny?

Q: What is brown and sticky?

A: A stick.

Sorry but it makes me laugh. In a few weeks I will wonder why.

The first cartoon is tangentially related to today’s prompt, and the rest only by virtue of being chuckle-worthy.

cartoon ugly jacket

cartoon met in venice

cartoon desert sale

Laugh! It’s good for you.



Prompt: Roaring Laughter
What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

water wheel

I never drank liquor, but it had been a difficult couple of weeks, travelling by car with my father-in-law. I was starving, so ordered a Bloody Mary because of the substantial food garnish; then another one.

We looked at the menu. We were in a picturesque country restaurant somewhere in rural Ontario. Outside, a water wheel rotated as a clear stream ran through it. Inside, a fire roared in a giant fireplace, casting an orange glow over everyone.

My father-in-law, orange, said, “What’s Chateaubriand?”

My husband started to explain about beef in puff pastry. My father-in-law listened carefully, as if he was listening to his barrister preparing him to testify at a murder trial.

I started to giggle. It blew up into a laugh. This was it, the last dumbass moment I would have to spend on this vacation. The Bloody Mary shot out of my nose. They looked at me in horror, which made me laugh even harder. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I got the hiccups. I couldn’t speak. To this day, my husband need only say the word Chateaubriand and I feel a sense of hysteria and panic.

You clearly had to be there.