Don’t Feed the Animals

Prompt: Spicy

Dear Wednesday,

Zzzzz. Oh! Sorry, just dropped off.

Not your fault. We’ve had about 60 people descend upon our humble home for our annual long hot weekend, mostly-family reunion, and I am weary. Love kids, but not six of them out of fucking control. Love my family, almost all of the time. Adore my friends, except when I don’t.

Please ignore my snark. I love them all. Truly, possibly.

Spicy? Some of our group dinners are easy massive pots of things, like chili or assembly line marathons, like tacos. After every long weekend I have approximately 30 gallons of salsa left over, in various jars and of various brands.

And in the spirit of today’s prompt, “spicy”, may I present a few of my favourite cartoons…

cartoon elephant chili

cartoon devil fireplace

cartoon restaurant sea bass

Life is good. I’m tired. The part of the bass will be played by the chicken.




Filthy and Day 16

Prompt: Filthy

Hello Wednesday,

My NaNoWriMo novel is coming along very slowly, but I am at least adding words every day. It really does take over your life a little bit, so I’m doing my best to avoid a neglected, filthy house and piles of dirty laundry. It’s a challenge!

In lieu of filthy (the daily prompt) content today, may I present a few cartoons that have nothing to do with filth and everything to do with dogs, a cat, a rat, and an elephant:



I grew up with Babar picture books, and I promise children everywhere, this is just a whimsical cartoon:


Stay clean!


Outside the Box

Prompt: Perplexed

Dear Wednesday,

Life is perplexing. Look at numbers. Six is a good number, as are seven, nine, and ten. All the others have strange and perplexing spellings.

One. Really? No other such letter combination is pronounced that way.
Two— no rational explanation.
Three. Are you kidding?
Four. Just annoying.
Five. The worst one of all, an F and a V?
Eight. WTF?

Let’s lighten up with a few of my favourite cartoons:




Serenity now,