Not Guilty

Prompt: Humans

cartoon wagging

Hello Wednesday, a little late.

To be honest, I completely forgot about my Wednesday post, since I had a very unharmonious day with our new puppy, Holly, who picked February 26 to be the worst puppy she could be, and I have the damaged clothes and broken skin and frazzled nerves to prove it. In addition, she forgot everything she ever learned about housetraining. It is a day that will live in infamy. Next February 26 I will book myself into a spa with a sensory deprivation tank and try to forget. It will be an annual event, and wine will be involved.

On Thursday, Holly was gentle as a lamb. We took her out to socialize and she met lots of other dogs and people and did very well. I talked to a professional trainer who assured me that housetraining and biting regression are common and that, after all, puppy is still just a baby at 12 weeks. Puppies are like human babies, she added, and get hyper and bratty when they are tired. She then taught puppy, in less than a minute, to come to her hand. We learned how to stop her jumping up on others, if not on us, from a woman in the parking lot. Holly and I had cuddles in the car on the way out and on the way back.

A few minutes ago, she ravaged my back and legs, unprovoked, with her needle teeth and razor claws, while pulling on my jeans and top and possibly ripping them. I haven’t looked. I can only think of spa day, 2021.

The prompt today is “human” and I keep reminding myself that I am an adult human, the most advanced species on earth, and Holly is a little baby dog who has never seen a toothbrush and who was literally bred over the millennia to be my best friend. I just checked on her and she is crashed out in the front hallway, snoring. I simply adore her when she is asleep.

Relating to today’s prompt and just a little to today’s tribulations, may I present a few of my favourite cartoons?

cartoon you have humans

cartoon steps

cartoon not guilty

Peace, love, and cuddles,


Creamy Nougat Center

Prompt: Encrusted

Dear Wednesday,

Winter has returned to our little corner of the world. Freezing cold, some snow, brisk winds, and I have to wear socks.

The lakeshore is encrusted with rough little glaciers where frigid waves pounded against the sand and froze in place. Is that the correct usage of today’s word prompt, “encrusted”? Yes or no.

There are no cartoons in all the world that I would want to look at that include the word encrusted. So may I present instead a few of my favourite cartoons that are less than tenuously related to the prompt by way of the root word, crust?

cartoon yogi crust

cartoon red lobster 2

(Did you see what I did there?)

cartoon earth crust

Time to go get the fireplace going.

Stay warm!


Dear Dairy

Prompt: Aware


Dear Dairy,

Mommy asked me to start writing about my days. She said everyone here does that except Radical because he is too young. She says pay attention and write what I see. She says no one will read it it is private. I think Mommy might read it. Mommy stop reading it!

Radical doesn’t live with me and my Mommy and daddy. He lives with his Mommy. Radical is my brother and I need to take care of him, Mommy says. Also daddy. Radical likes drawing and building with Metalz and mind reading. I like drawing and wind-belling and numbers. We both like running and colours.

Radical has a penist, and I do too but mine is inside. That’s what science says.

So today Radical started write school and letters. I already did that but didn’t do gravity, so I started gravity and we both started earth. Earth is where we were born, even me and Radical because of our jeans and sperm.

After this dairy I am writing a letter to my granny who lives on earth. I heard daddy say she might die before she reads it. Dying is like floating in space by yourself. That’s what Radical says.

Earth has trees and plants that grow outside, some of them make fruit and potatoes. It has one moon which is far away and they hardly ever visit it because it’s dead.

Gravity is what earth has like a magnet so people don’t fall off. That is the basic.

Daddy said I should count the stars for him. It is a project. I will start tonight. Sometimes I wonder if the stars are dead people floating.

Your friend,