Amazing Coincidence

Prompt: Coincidence

Dear Wednesday,

Coincidence in the first of today’s cartoons refers to a board of directors in hell.

I don’t wish ill on anyone, as a rule, but I have to say, some of the greedy corporate monsters who put lives in peril, consider profit more important than health and safety, who weigh pros and cons based on income only even when men, women, and children are adversely affected, who betray every sense of caring and decency in the name of greed and power… well, I wish hell existed for you. I’m sorry, you need to spend something close to eternity contemplating the harm you have done— and the good you might have accomplished with the resources you controlled.

For the rest of us, how about some rabbits and squirrels?

cartoon directors in hell

cartoon squirrels

cartoon rabbit job

Let’s all write a little bit more!


Little Pharma

Prompt: Twinkle

Dear Wednesday,

When we were kids we used to look up at the night sky all the time. We’d lay out on reclining lawn chairs or on towels on the grass and watch for falling stars. Now I take the dog out before bed, and might glance up at the wonder that is the universe but am usually more preoccupied with whether or not the dog does his “business”.

People are strange. And in honour of that┬áconcept, may I present a few of my favourite cartoons, the first one tenuously connected to the Daily Post Daily Prompt, “twinkle”:






Peace and starry nights,