Luck be a Lady

Prompt: Luck

A few random thoughts about todays prompt…

I don’t find Sinatra’s style sexy (see above video), but what a buttery voice and pristine timing.

Luck is always a lady. But ladies are not mommies. Luck doesn’t love you best.You roll the dice, you take your chances.

Is luck real? Or is it just the esoteric, superstitious entity we credit or blame for the turns our lives take?

Though I did have good luck at the racetrack, a long time ago, when I intuited that a certain non-favourite horse would do well. I think I saw the signals. I think the race was rigged. That’s a different topic.

Happy St. Pat’s!

Elicit and Day 22

Prompt: Elicit


Does the Daily Prompt word elicit mean the same thing as the word panic? If not, I’m not equipped to talk about elicit, except to say that as a string of letters, it has a nice, sexy sound.

The word panic sounds like what it is. Hard-edged, a bit raw, urgent, not very pretty.

I am almost at 30,000 words with my National Novel Writing Month 50,000 word opus, but you see it is November 22, and I should be at the 36k mark, at least.

Panic. Pancetta. Panini. Pachobel. Peace.

Note to self: Write the effing book!

Second Thoughts and Day 8

Prompt: Second Thoughts


“Second Thoughts” by Kat Wright.

It is never too early in a process to have second thoughts. I’m only at Day 8 of NaNoWriMo and I’m already… no, I’m not really having second thoughts about writing a novel in thirty days, no more than I do every November 1 when I sit down at my keyboard and think “What on earth have I committed to?”


“second thoughts” by Alicia Armstrong.

The phrase second thoughts implies regret. Sometimes though, second thoughts allow us leeway to stop and think before jumping into the abyss, or an opportunity to withdraw from a regretful situation before it’s too late, like a hunter coming face to face with a vulnerable prey.


“The Second Thoughts When There’s No Going Back”: by Helen Chapman.

“The second thoughts where there’s no going back”. Also known as regrets. I wish I’d had the wisdom and courage when I was much younger to honestly say to myself, “Will I regret this some day?” I might have been braver, less selfish, more bold, because don’t you find that most of our regrets circle like buzzards around the the little bundle of decisions that reflect not what we have done wrong, but what we wish we’d done when we had the chance?

Where, Where?

Prompt: Moon

Dear Thursday,

Well, this is the first time in four weeks that we have not had visitors. I have nothing to do but think of the full moon last night, and how it lit us all up as brightly as if it was a spotlight.

I did not get a tattoo, but did not sleep well either.

In honour of moons, quiet, and fun, here are a few of my favourite cartoons:

cartoon your-moon-is-in-the-house-of-pancakes-new-yorker-cartoon

cartoon shark where where

dog wants out cartoon

Let’s all let the dog out.


The Enforcer

Prompt: Confused

vintage robot

The aliens sent down a thing called the “Enforcer”; metallic silver, impenetrable, vaguely man-shaped but smooth and rounded, this huge robotic creature’s fingers shot bullets out, like ten little machine guns, and simply mowed down anything within vision. There was fear and panic, though some people felt there was no point in resisting, and walked directly into the line of fire.

Other people fled the city and ran up the hill. People on the hill didn’t believe their stories about this alien “Enforcer” and laughed, even though they could see fires and smoke from their vantage point on the hill. There was no convincing them.

Meanwhile there were people in the city who chose to Stay. These people did not hide or offer resistance— they just Stayed.

I wonder: did the aliens have many of these Enforcers, dropped down into many cities? Or was one Enforcer tasked with wiping out the human race, very slowly and over time? Would the one Enforcer seek out every hiding place, every bunker, every place on the planet, on land or sea or in the air? Perhaps the aliens were very patient?

Would an atom bomb or other extreme weapon eliminate the Enforcer? There seemed to be no organized response to this invasion. Perhaps those people not within killing range of the Enforcer simply and universally did not believe such a thing existed, including law enforcement, military, and government. I wonder?

Dreams can be so confusing.