Prompt: Faceless

woman butterfly

I had  a rather dreary tale of anonymity and pain planned for today’s post, but in my travels for a suitable image I came across the work of British artist Amy Judd.

woman rose face

I love such deceptively simple yet expressive work, that digs deeply into the artist’s psyche as well as into the psyche of human myth and culture.

woman bird face 2

The images are both beautiful and chilling. What do you think?

More info and images by Amy Judd.

Am I Warm?

Prompt: Conundrum

Conundrum: now this is a word that bounces off the tongue and impresses; and represents such an intriguing concept: riddle, a puzzle, a confusing or confounding question. This is a word I will work into my conversation today. “Excuse me, barkeep, what is the difference between a blonde ale and a lager?” No, that’s not a conundrum. “Barkeep, where does all the creamy foam on the top of a fine glass of bitter disappear to as you drink it?” Well, not really, but closer. I’ll keep researching the problem as it relates to Dallas, the young barkeep. Until then, may I present several of my favourite, tangentially-related cartoons:





Stay warm!


The Rest is Silence

Prompt: Silence


On first viewing, I thought this unusual short film, made by UCLA students in 1958, was a contemporary film student submission, done in the style of the 50s and with a theme that resonates today: How automation and technology fill our lives with “noise” and how we often sacrifice self-awareness and intimacy for convenience and high tech.

Smell Like Dirt

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

grass and sidewalk abstract 2b sm

Photo by Fluffy Pool


In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
― Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg

Fun with Filters: This was originally a plain photograph of grasses and their shadows on the sidewalk. It’s easy to go overboard with filters, and for this challenge I really did!  –but it was challenging fun, and like most symmetrical pictures this one has a Rorschach Test quality to it. I see earth, bugs, leaves fighting for sunlight. What do you see?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

Photo Prompt: Dinnertime

Slow Cooker 2

Photo by Fluffy Pool

This is a photo of a simmering stew I made in the slow cooker and photographed for my recipe blog. I didn’t use this picture, because it wasn’t very helpful, but I kind of liked the lusciousness of the food in the cooker, the abstract quality of the photo, and the reflections in the glass lid, one of which is the iPhone that I used to take the picture.


Winter Wonderland and Mud

Ever wonder what it is like driving through the Rocky Mountain passes in winter? Here is a very short sample of our drive back to the interior of British Columbia from Vancouver, after Christmas:

Road conditions were actually good, since there was no ice and decent visibility on this trip.

The highest point of the Crowsnest Highway between Hope and Princeton is Allison Pass (el. 1,342 m or 4,403 ft), which is in the middle of Manning Provincial Park.

Weekly Photo Challenge Prompt: Seasons
Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.