Be Honest

Prompt: Agile

Hello Wednesday,

My physiotherapist— treating Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in my knee, which is much less serious than it sounds— is named Jonathan, and he gives me a series of simple exercises to do each day as “homework”. Just some stretching, bending, balancing, partial squats; but do you think it’s easy for me to keep up the routine? Maybe the issue is calling it homework. Years and years of serious strategizing to avoid all school work but especially the home kind have left me stubborn and resistant. And unlike school work, I can’t suddenly cram all my homework into one session on the Thursday night before my Friday appointment.

So in the interest of impressing Jonathan with improvements in my strength, flexibility, and balance, allow me to leave you with this small collection of favourite yet extremely tangentially agile-themed cartoons, while I go off and twist a few body parts:

cartoon pamplona bull

cartoon gym improv

cartoon blob no exercise

To your good health and flexibility…



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