Eat Seat

Prompt: Create

food images

Josh Woodwing dimmed the lights, then strode to the presentation screen with a thin wooden pointer about half a meter in length. He grinned broadly, knowing his smile was charming, showing perfected capped and whitened teeth. “Welcome Cash and Leep! Good to see you both again. I think you’re gonna like what you see today!”

Cash waved and grinned back and Leep, a little lacking in social skills, just stared at him and his pointed stick.

There were six people at the table, not including Cash and Leep. This was a team effort, a large team effort, they were telling their clients. Look at all the people involved! Think of all the meetings and brainstormings! Look at the youth of these people— fresh, talented, hungry! They want you to succeed.

“Now your revolutionary new dining chair is new,” Josh said redundantly. “So we wanna generate some excitement.” On the screen, a grey, well-padded, faux suede chair popped into a bright lime green.

“The green colour is optional,” Tunia said. She sat at the end of the table nearest the screen. Leep couldn’t fathom what kind of name “Tunia” was. Was it short for “Petunia”? It sounded too much like “tuna” to Leep’s ears. It was distracting. He hadn’t had lunch. “We have a number of ideas for the logo colours,” she continued.

“Thanks, Tunia,” Josh said. “That’s one great thing about this plan: flexibility!”

“Go on,” said Cash. He looked at his watch. He told the babysitter he’d be back by four o’clock.

The presentation became animated, with images of food— apples, pies, turkey legs— pitched around the screen, and letters tumbling to form words, and a shapely cartoon woman looking mightily satisfied as she reclined in the green chair, which was suddenly floating on a cloud, and a manic drumbeat merged with the sound of a heavenly choir, and then…

“Introducing… Eat Seat!” Josh announced with pride.

“Eat Seat?” said Cash.

“Catchy, unforgettable!” said Tunia, clapping her hands.

“There will be a voice-over, some of the pitch ideas are in your binder,” said Josh through his beaming smile. “We want impact, contrast, buzzability!”

Cash looked at his watch again, then looked up. “I like it!” he said. “Leep?”

“But an ordinary dining chair is an ‘eat seat’,” said Leep. “The name isn’t descriptive.” Was he imagining it, or did he smell french fries?

“It jolting, attention-grabbing, makes you want more,” said Josh.

“And why are the letters in ‘Eat Seat’ so fat and black?”

“You’ve eaten your fill! You’re full and heavy!” said Tunia.

“Lime green won’t match many dining room sets,” said Leep.

“Lots of colour choices yet!” said Josh. “Orange! Sky Blue! Smooth Taupe!” The rest of the people sat at the conference table were silent, but nodding and laughing with enthusiasm, like a church congregation. “So Cash, you love it?”

“Leep has a point,” he said loyally. “Or two. What was wrong with ‘Dina-Reclina’?”

“We felt ‘Eat Seat’ was powerful, evocative, memorable,” said Tunia.

“You all are sure full of adjectives,” said Cash with a grin.

They all laughed. Cash noticed one young team member with long silky black hair, smiling at him calmly while the rest feigned encouragement. What was her name again?

“We are proud of this work,” Josh said, almost defensively.

“And so you should be,” said Cash, “but we have a few details to discuss.” Leep seemed to have a good idea of what they needed; Cash would back him up.

“Shall I arrange coffee?” asked Tunia, standing.

“Yes,” said Leep. “Any cookies or donuts?”

Cash looked at his watch.