Miss Monroe Broke Her Toe*

Prompt: Jolt


The illustration accompanying today’s prompt (“jolt”) prompted the above image which, in case you can’t see it, is a gif animation of power towers playing with jump ropes.

I wonder if kids play “skip” any more, or double dutch, or marbles, or hopscotch. Does anyone out there, parent or teacher, have an observation about this? As a child, playtime before school and at recess and lunch revolved around active games. Some of the skipping and double dutch games were detailed and challenging. Where I grew up all the kids had lacrosse balls too: they had multiple uses in games, especially for creative young children. Lacrosse balls are about the size of an orange, very hard with a good bounce.

An interesting thing about skip and marbles, for example, was that anyone at all could play. Get in line for your shot at facing the jump rope. If you didn’t make it, you took your turn looping the the rope for the others to skip. Got some marbles? Set up shop in the playground, or challenge another marble collector.

They were valuable lessons in cooperation, competition, and fair play. I love kids and don’t want to yell at them to get off my lawn, but what comparable activities do they now engage in at school and at play?

*Old skipping song:

Miss Monroe [referencing Marilyn Monroe, though as kids we didn’t realize that]
Broke her toe
Riding on a buffalo
The buffalo died
Miss Monroe cried
And that was the end of the buffalo ride.

3 thoughts on “Miss Monroe Broke Her Toe*

  1. I fully utilised the playground across my house and jump rope in school. Times have changed. But we try to revive the games we used to play to our kids now. Just basically to minimize the use of tablets and video games.

    PS: I love the power towers playing with jump ropes

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  2. Every Saturday, each kid have their own extra class i.e. Tae Kwan Do class, rugby class and school band. We go trailing, hiking or swimming on Sundays sometimes. Some evenings, I get them to run around the house with water balloons or send them looking for cats. During free evenings, there are board games and some other traditional games.

    It is really when they get together with their cousins that they play the skip rope, and other outdoor traditional games. Or they would craft on the patio.

    I feel that their schedule is quite balance. But this is how I manage mine with my surrounding.

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