Fade and Day 30

Prompt: Faded

Dear Wednesday,

As National Novel Writing Month 2016 fades into the sunset, which is a lot earlier than usual because of dang Daylight Savings Time…. I’m a weiner! That is, I won the challenge of uploading 50,000 to the Nano site before midnight, November 30.

This was my second most difficult attempt: The only more painful one was when I sat down with a bad idea but kept writing anyway. I lost interest and it took great effort do the wordage, which was consistently awful but I just wanted to get it done (and did).

Usually, Nano is challenging but also invigorating, and there is something liberating about concentrating on one thing, one activity, for an entire month. You eat, think, sleep and dream the novel. Then December 1 happens and you awake to reality. Reality is nice too!

In celebration, may I present three cartoons from young American cartoonist Matthew Diffee, whose quirky yet gentle humour and contemporary design sense are very appealing to me just now: