Percolate and Day 17

Prompt: Percolate


Our coffee percolator looked nothing like this one.

One aspect of NaNoWriMo culture is its fixation with coffee, not just the many “write-ins” that occur in coffee shops, but also the romantic notion that novelists are fuelled by masses amounts of coffee. If you love coffee, have you thought of writing a book?

I used to be quite the caffeine fiend— seriously, before I had my morning fix I was truly a bear. My family and friends feared me, and did their best to have the coffee brewing by the time I growled out of bed. I had to stop drinking coffee by three pm, or be awake all night. When I had to be awake all night (finish an assignment, at a party or whatever), I ran on adrenaline and idiocy, as a rule. My very favourite coffee came out of an electric percolator: very hot, not like the lukewarm drips you get from a boxy machine.

I’m off caffeine but still love a good cup of decaf now and again, especially with ideal pairings, like, say, a donut or cake. Tea, usually green, with a bit of lemon, is my beverage of choice, in the interests of health and calmness. Not sure it has those effects on me, though.