Tarts and Day 15

Prompt: Tart


Does anyone remember Sweet Tarts? When I was a kid they were like a super sour counterpart to all the very sugary sweet treats that children seemed to crave. Even as a child, however, I really wasn’t satisfied with a plain sugar hit, which is what candies were then (and now?)— except for Sweet Tarts. Little tablets with a big burst of too much sour! Things like that can change your palate forever!

Human tarts are similar, perhaps. They change your palate forever? Anyway, I did a Google search for tarts of the female variety, and all I got was images of skimpily dressed young women. Is that what a tart is? Are all women who have a natural sexuality tarts? Why is a the term tart pejorative? What a silly, repressed yet prurient world we still live in. Shame on us.

I am halfway through NaNoWriMo and still struggling with both the plot structure, and the main character, who is both the narrator and a suspect in the murder. I don’t know if it was possibleĀ for meĀ to choose a more difficult format. Someone said to me recently: Your narrator is not always likeable, or even ethical. Yes! Most people are a bundle of contradictions. The trick is to make someone who is far from perfect a likeable character that you trust and want to hear and read about.

Back to the novel…