Lofty? and Day 13

Prompt: Lofty


Today was a rough NaNoWriMo day, because I had to write some very emotional, key, revealing scenes. It is meant to be a wow, omg, now-I-get-it kind of chapter. Whatever it is, it still doesn’t explain, and I still haven’t figured out, the main motive for the murder.

Is it possible that sometimes when a person commits a terrible crime, there are complicated reasons that are difficult to comprehend unless you are in that person’s shoes? Well yes, and I am in that person’s shoes, and the reader still needs to understand, or think they understand. The murderer, in my little book, was driven by guilt about past events, pity for the victim, and jealousy of the victim. I don’t know if that is simple enough.

…Hmm as I think about it, I think the big reveal as written is too late. I need to shovel it in early in the story. Thanks for listening!

There are two different kind of traps for a Nano writer: one is that, like I just did, you can rush through without thinking of basic and vital plot points and write a lot that will be cut, and miss a lot that you should have written. Second is the screaming demand for words and more words to meet the daily quota, which (in my case) can lead to a bit of verbal diarrhea, as in straying from the plan to ramble on about something that ups the word count without contributing to the novel at all. I found when I started writing short fiction for this blog, my ramblings were a nasty Nano habit which I had to learn to control.

How all this relates to the daily prompt, Lofty, I have no idea.

Or the cartoon— I just liked it.