Flames and Day 12

Prompt: Flames


Much as I tried, only one thought skated its way into my head with the prompt Flames: the Calgary Flames hockey team; specifically, the 1989 Flames who won the Stanley Cup, hockey’s FA Cup, Super Bowl trophy, World Series title, all those things. Before the league was watered down and almost ruined by the current commissioner, who shall remain nameless, hockey was truly a majestic sport. Honest!

The Flames were not one of the original six teams (Montreal, Toronto, Boston, New York, Detroit, Chicago) but they were magic in the late 80’s. I sat in the Saddledome in Calgary for one or two of the play-off games, and it was plain as pie that this team would win it all. That’s an experience of premonition you don’t have every day.

Everyone in the city was involved that season. We’d just moved into a new house in Calgary and threw ourselves a party, but since the playoffs were on, so was the TV. Our festivities were interrupted all evening. We all, women and men, knew every Flames player, every stat, every rule, every nuance of the game that year.

Tonight, the Flames play one of the original six, the NY Rangers, on Hockey Night in Canada. They are not the 1989 team by any stretch, but loyalties live on.

PS: I am at 17,082 words of my NaNoWriMo novel, and yes, the 82 words, even the 2 words are important! I’m behind, but slogging away.