Sincere and Day 3

Prompt: Sincere


I sincerely like the above cartoon.

Meanwhile, back at NaNoWriMo Day 3, I am almost overwhelmed at the prospect of seriously editing, enhancing, and expanding something I’ve previously written. It is a challenge I did not expect.

In art class, there was the concept of “preciousness”, which was the point at which an artist felt afraid to build on a work they felt was already meaningful and well-executed, if imperfect. This notion can be paralyzing. It is very much the same with writing, but in a much tighter, more immediately recognizable way.

Creative arts are scary and challenging. To be an artist, to find our path and to communicate it in a voice that is uniquely ours, we need to forget superficial rules, trust our instincts, and be alert to the innate sincerity of what we want to say.

Like everything I write, with Nano I want to express what is deep inside, however strange or unconventional or mean or sentimental.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Sincere and Day 3

    • I was always too “precious” about drawings. If one leaf was perfect, I was afraid going on in case I ruined the one leaf. With writing, I need to toss out even perfect parts for the sake of the whole, and it’s hard!

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