Bludgeon and Day 2

Prompt: Bludgeon


Day 2 of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo and I am wondering if the victim of my novel is bludgeoned to death, or shot, or stabbed. I want a weapon to be found either at the scene, in the murderer’s possession, or planted to incriminate someone innocent. This is an important decision.

I would prefer a stick or rock, but why would a murderer take the weapon away from the scene? Stabbing is probably the best option.

Part of the fun of Nano is that you can either make detailed outlines of your novel, or you can be a “pantser” and just sit down every day and crank out 1600 more words advancing your plot. I’m usually a pantser and not a planner, but this year I’m trying a more organized approach.

It’s only Day 2— still time to sign up and join the challenge!