Bask In It

Prompt: Underground

Hello Wednesday,

What do a drinking straw, a sandwich, and the greater Vancouver area have in common? Well, Tube, Subway, and Metro are the common names for underground transportation systems.

The Tube is officially the “London Underground”, New Yorkers take the Subway, and Metro is the common name for the underground railway in Paris, Montreal, and Washington, DC.

Tube (the more you write or read it, the stranger it looks) is also a fun term for the television, or with “You” is an online repository for homemade and professional videos. A tube steak is…?  A hot dog. The word is pronounced closer to “tyoob” in Canada, rather than “toob” as in the U.S.

You know when you are rambling on about toobs that it is time to take a look at some of my favourite cartoons, the first of which is tenuously related to the daily prompt, “underground” (manspreading, anyone?):




Peace and joy,