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May-Ray Sunderson to be Feted at Retirement Gala
By Linda Fosterama, Posted to About Town

Get on your dancing shoes and prepare to clink champagne flutes at Betty’s Fine Diner as May-Ray Sunderson hangs up her teapot apron and begins her retirement in style.

Betty of Betty’s Fine Diner, speaking from her hospital bed while she recovers from a private lady ailment, said that May-Ray would be sorely missed for her “toothy smile”, witty demeanour, and cheerful, often unsolicited advice. “And she never missed a day’s work, even when she was drunk,” said Betty of the 40-year employee, who has since become a pillar of the local AA community. “Except that one time that she got on the wrong bus. But that’s another story.”

Loyal diner and upholsterer Al Codwhittle had nothing but praise for the feisty May-Ray. “I deserved to have that mustard squirted into my lap,” he said with a chuckle.

Louise Sitwell, May-Ray’s daughter-in-law, noted that May-Ray had always wanted to travel, and that now was her golden opportunity. “My husband Linney and I will do all we can to help make her dreams come true,” she said, as her husband ate a hot dog.

“I will always be grateful for the times May-Ray called the police when I was late to the Saturday Early Bird dinner,” implied Jerry Plankton, whose civil court case is scheduled to begin on Friday. “The police were also very diligent, destroying door locks or breaking windows, when I was usually just in the bathroom or at the library, and not dead. They and May-Ray had my best interests at heart.”

May-Ray, ever humble, credits God with her long and distinguished career as part of Betty’s Fine Diner wait staff. “Do you want change back on that?” she added.

Her only granddaughter, Charlotte-Ann Sitwell, 6, when asked if she would be inheriting her grandmother’s teapot apron, replied, “I hate you.”

A confetti-banana birthday cake will be served if enough neighbours attend and pay the modest three dollar fee, Betty said. Local Goth band Kill Me Now A-Hole will be playing community favourites and requests from 8-9:30 pm.

Notice: No alcohol will be served.