Prompt: Fragile


He is as fragile
As a baby untended.
He watches my eyes.


The above is an attempt at haiku and is similar to the real style of haiku poetry only by virtue of its structure, which in English consists of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables. Haiku is meant to be original and evocative, or to capture a moment in time in a uniquely simple way, and actually not to present a simile. Haiku form is easy to learn (as they say about every game app ever) but hard to master.

The haiku above was inspired, for better or worse, by my black dog, who was staring at me this morning as I brushed my teeth. I was touched by his tentative yet steady gaze and the way we both unthinkingly acknowledged my absolute power over him. The powerless are vulnerable and it was a strangely sad moment.

I also came across this unconventional haiku while googling around for information:

A wise man once asked,
“Why, pray tell, is the sand wet?”
…Because the sea weed