Magical Ingredient

Prompt: Expert

french toast 1

“I’m actually an expert in French Toast,” said Stuart, as he looked at the menu. The restaurant had only one menu for all day, so the breakfast selections were listed, even though, a warning said, they stopped serving at 11:30 am. Lunch, however, was available at dinner time, though the dinner entrees were not offered until 5:00 pm. It took a little expertise to navigate the menu at Chez Tout le Monde.

“Are you?” said Envy, actually interested. “What is the secret to perfect French Toast?”

“Well, use French bread, add a dash of vanilla to the egg and milk custard, and a dash of salt, and let the bread soak up the custard for about 4 minutes before frying in a hot, buttered pan,” said Stuart. “There, now you know everything, I might as well leave, I have nothing more to give.”

“Hold on,” said Envy. “Salt?”

“Yes, salt, the magical ingredient in all sweet dishes.”

“Ok, wow. Well yes, you may go now,” said Envy. Stuart returned her smile.

They both ordered linguine with clam sauce, and a half a carafe of Sauvignon Blanc. This lunch offering was also available at dinner, should they choose to return to Chez Tout Le Monde at a later date and time.

“So how’s the date going so far?” Stuart asked.

“Pretty good really, don’t you think?” said Envy.

“Even though I’m gay and have a boyfriend?”

Especially because you are gay and have a boyfriend,” Envy said. “But do you know any straight guys? Because I’m getting desperate.”

“Dr Chao?” said Stuart.

“He’s married, and seems happily so, as he was not thrilled when I almost asked him out,” said Envy.

“Oh dear,” said Stuart. “Marcus is a tough act to follow.”

“Yes,” Envy said with a sigh. “So gorgeous and charming and talented in many ways. A shame he tried to murder me.”

“I know, right?” said Stuart.

They both took a thoughtful sip of the wine, which was ice cold and refreshing on a warm afternoon.

“Wait,” said Stuart. “I think I do know someone. Greg’s half-brother, who I met one Thanksgiving. He’s kind of hunky and definitely free.”

“Why is he free though?”

“How cynical we are,” said Stuart. “I believe he is misunderstood. He does like his sports, can be a little bit careless in his speech, holds a few politically incorrect opinions, but has impeccable grooming.”

“I’m interested,” said Envy, not caring how desperate she sounded.

She was desperate. It had been a long time.

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