Prompt: Witness


Inspector Spencer had had a long, tiresome day. She was afraid she’d caught her daughter’s cold, and the paperwork on one of her cases was fucked up, and her usual partner, Levinson, was busy with a midlife crisis. She was dead tired, and as she was packing up she got a phone call from Riley, at the front.

“He says he saw something regarding the Demarco murder.”

Spencer wished she could be as dedicated and single-minded as television cops, but all she could think was, Why now?

But television cops had inspired her to become a cop herself. She would work through it.

“I’ll come down,” she told Riley. “Could you please set up a room?”

“Sure thing,” said Riley.

This could be another crank confession, Spencer thought. Or maybe a break in a case that was getting embarrassing.

She was surprised.