Fly Like an Eagle

Prompt: Fifty

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Local Man’s 50th Birthday Party Attended by 19
by Lynn Fosterama. Posted to Community.

As the sun slowly sank in the western sky, friends and family of Linney Sitwell gathered at the local Legion to celebrate his landmark birthday: the ripe young age of 50. A buffet of perogies, pot roast, spring salad, and of course, a chocolate birthday cake complete with candles, was provided for all the guests to enjoy, as well as a cash bar. Dancing followed, with many of the 19 in attendance taking advantage of the Legion’s newly-laid engineered oak flooring, which was installed with a grant from the town as well as fund-raising efforts by the Ladies of the Legion. DJ JohnnyO provided an eclectic mix of music from his private collection.

Wife Loretta Sitwell, 37, looked on proudly at a display of highland dancing presented by the Marnie Carnegie School of Dance, which included two of Mrs Sitwell’s nieces, Sunny, 12, and Pennith, 9, as well as her daughter, Charlotte-Ann, 5. The quality of the dance was very high in this reporter’s opinion, considering the ages of the young people who participated.

I spoke to Linney and Loretta after they took a spin on the dance floor to one of their favourite songs, “I Want to Fly like an Eagle”, by The Steve Miller Band.

“Yes, it is a wonderful evening,” said Linney, slightly flushed. “I would like to thank the Legion cooks for their really fine spread.”

“The perogies were home-made,” said Loretta Sitwell.

“And the cake?” I asked, having availed myself of a slice which I found tasty.

“A friend,” said Loretta, and she waved to someone at a table near the dance floor, presumably the baker, whose identity will be updated as the information comes in.

“How does it feel to be fifty?” I asked the man of the night.

“Better than the alternative,” Mr Sitwell replied.

“Haha,” said Loretta, and she took his arm and led him to the buffet for a cup of coffee from a silver urn rented for the occasion.

When asked how she was enjoying staying up extra-late for the party, daughter Charlotte-Ann responded, “I hate you.”

With a deadline to meet, this reporter left the festivities just as the highland dancers were lining up for an encore, tired, but happy.