Prompt: Forbidden



“Why not?”

“It is forbidden, as you know. I strongly recommend that you don’t try to make a point here. It will endly badly, and only for you.”

“There are photographers.”

“I will confiscate their cameras.”

“There will be video.”

“It will not be shown.”

“I have a hundred people behind me.”

“When you are gone, they will go.”

“Do you call this a free country?”


“Do you want it to be a free country?”

“It is not my decision.”

“Join us.”


“The hundred will become a thousand.”

“I have a thousand weapons.”

“If you destroy the thousand, who will you rule?”

“We will have domain over the world. The world will go on.”

“You will rule yourselves?”

There was a flash of lightning, followed almost immediately by the crack of thunder.

“It is forbidden. I strongly advise that you disperse. This will end badly, and only for you.”

“Take this.”


“Why not?”

“It is forbidden.”

“You have no free will?”

“I choose to obey the rules.”

Somewhere, a fire was burning, ignited by the lightning. Smoke and ash rained from the sky.

“It is forbidden.”

“I will come tomorrow.”

“I will be here.”

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