Player’s and Pleasure

Prompt: Pleasure

players please sailor

Player’s brand cigarettes in Canada had a very specific ad campaign and jingle, which I remember hearing as a child. The song was “Player’s and Pleasure”, to the tune of “Love and Marriage”:

    Player’s and pleasure
    Player’s and pleasure
    Go together like…

…like what? I have not been able to recall or locate the exact lyrics. Does anyone else in Canada or the UK remember this jingle?

Meanwhile, I came across a few vintage Player’s cigarette ads, which may have been in magazines and newspapers locally, and/or in the UK., and I thought I would share them with you, for your pleasure…

I did not smoke Player’s cigarettes over the 20 years or so of my habit. They looked a little harsh for my delicate palate, though apparently they marketed to young people as well as to our (top image) military men.:

Players pleasure beach

I don’t smoke anymore, nor do I want to, since I remember the cigarette hangovers and the tobacco smell that never quite went away. But, I do enjoy a cigarette or five when I am dreaming. I have a magical cardboard pack of Black Cat No. 7 in my dream purse, which always has cigarettes ready to go so I never have the stress (which was ever-present as a devoted smoker) of running out. Below, more marketing to the young, hip generation– were these ads as tone-deaf as contemporary ads that try to attract a younger demographic?

players pleasure dance party

Here is an even older Player’s ad, from the UK, featuring a child who knows that Daddy’s Favourite is Player’s because “It’s the Tobacco that Counts”. I also remember a kind of shaggy dog joke about a mysterious, spooky counting entity that had that slogan as the punchline. Again, does anyone else remember?

Players tobacco counts

Ah, the days when smoking was pleasurable, and glamorous, and cool, and children admired their daddy’s taste in cigarettes, and some doctors even claimed tobacco had health benefits. Today there are no more ads and the reality is inescapable, as demonstrated by this Quebec cigarette package disclaimer:

Players warning


  • Images: Google