American Nightmare

Fifty people murdered, and currently another fifty-three injured in the worst mass murder in American history.

Why? Why do angry men commit mass murder?

While the answer is not simple, there is an answer. The answer lies in a combination of factors (often cited: the U.S. gun culture, the glamorization of such murderers in the media, the failures of the mental health system) but most important— because this kind of violence is often preventable— is that such disturbed, angry men are allowed to flourish in a society that turns its back on abused families, and refuses to acknowledge that there is specific violent behaviour that virtually every American mass murderer displays before he takes up his weapons and slaughters five or ten or fifty people.

Look at any of the multiple murderers— I won’t name them, but you know them— they either grew up in extremely abusive households, or displayed previous violent and threatening behaviours, or both.

Children need to be protected, not only because they are our future and deserve love and protection, but because abused children grown up to be abusers.

Abusers need our help, not only because it is the humane thing to do, but because abusers can become murderers. They need to be taken off the street, away from their families, put into treatment, and not released until their health problems are addressed and they are no longer a threat to the rest of us.

Stop the glorification of violence, stop minimizing the effects of domestic abuse, stop enabling violent offenders, stop defunding programs that protect children and care for adults. Not just in the U.S., but everywhere. Stop.