Eli, no!

Prompt: Playful

playful graphic Eli no

I found this wonderful illustration by graphic artist Katie Kirk.

Ever brought a puppy home and tried to teach it to be responsible member of your family?

My first puppy, Chance, thought that “no” was the beginning of a fun game, where I would chase him around the house. Another entertaining game was “Escape from the fenced yard and give Fluffy a heart attack”. And “Leave all the cheap rugs alone and chew only the expensive one”. Chance is long gone but that little rug is in my kitchen, the corner chewed and mangled, and reminds me of my fuzzface boy, who looked a bit like this:

samoyed puppy

Chance became diabetic at age seven, and we gave him insulin injections twice daily until he died at at fourteen. Yep. I miss him.


  • Our dog Chance was a purebred Samoyed. He was not a product of a puppy mill, but many purebred puppies are. Do not buy a puppy from a pet store. No┬áreputable breeder would supply their puppies to a pet store. There are often purebred dogs awaiting adoption at animal shelters, along with completely lovable mixed breed animals, like our current dog.
    If you know of an animal who is abused or neglected, please contact your local humane society, SPCA or animal rescue organization.