I Dream of Jeanie

Prompt: Dream


I stood outside the hospital, waiting. The staff knew me and wouldn’t let me inside, so I waited for Dr Jeanie just across the street.

When she came out she was with one of the ER nurses, one I’d seen before. They walked towards the parking lot, and I headed that way, too.

People run into each other sometimes, it happens.

She looked up and saw me, and turned away, and started rooting about in her shoulder bag, probably for her keys, as they walked towards her car. “Hey!” I called out. I approached the two of them as they walked by the cluster of birch trees on the corner.

“Nice to see you,” I said to Dr Jeanie. “How have you been?”

Dr Jeanie walked on as if I hadn’t spoken, but the other one faced me and said, “Just leave her alone! You know, she could call the police, you could be arrested for harassment, or stalking. Leave her alone!”

Dr Jeanie took her arm and tried to lead her away, not looking at me. I heard her say, “Marigold, please don’t engage. Let’s go.”

I watched as they walked away. Dr Jeanie, tall and sinewy. Marigold a bit shorter and just a little plump, in a pleasing way. They reached Dr Jeanie’s Mercedes; perhaps she was giving Marigold a ride home.

Marigold. A pretty name. She seemed interesting, and a little interested.