The Saga of Jenny the Slut

Prompt: Saga
[Trigger Warning]

Girl Alone_In_The_Dark by_visceral

This is the saga of Jenny the Slut,
When accused of assault she could only say “Whut?”
The guy had the gun, our Jen was unarmed,
And Jen had the bruises, the guy was unharmed.
Now Jenny was pretty, there’s just no denying,
Even all blotchy with eyes puffed from crying,
Her hair long and flowing and and silky as sin,
And as fit as a champion, from toes up to chin.
“A temptress, a vixen, she lured the guy in.”
That’s what the man said, the man named Mr Quinn.

Now Jenny was sorry, why wouldn’t she be?
She was out on that Friday, footloose, fancy-free,
With her friends, Lou and Sally, she danced and drank beer,
At a club called The Honey Bee, down by the pier.
A guy approached Jenny, he was quite insistent.
“Not interested,” Jen said, “Don’t be so persistent.”
But he pushed and he pushed; would not hear the word “no”.
So Jenny told Sally, “Friend, I just have to go.”

She walked home alone, in the streets slick with rain,
Down the road past the Walmart, and into the lane,
She heard something behind her– the wind, or a creature?
She shivered, and hurried, so it couldn’t reach her,
At her door, the key fumbled, but she made it inside,
But not before he pushed her harshly aside.

The guy from the club! He told her “Be quiet!
“There’s no way to escape me, don’t bother to try it.”
A struggle, some shouting, Jenny knocked to the floor.
Such terror, such panic, she had not felt before.
He took out a gun, and said, “You’re not so smart now,
“Not too good for me, are you? Let’s make a start now.”
He grabbed at her hair and pushed her along,
Not knowing that Jenny was quick and was strong,
And lucky– he let down his guard for a minute,
She snatched his gun, made sure that bullets were in it…

“What were you wearing? Please tell the jury,
“Did you drink to excess? Was your memory blurry?”
Quinn wanted to know; then put Lou on the stand:
“Is your friend quite flirty? Is Jen in demand?
“Is she ‘nice’ to the men, does she have a tattoo?
“She cried ‘rape’ before, but it just wasn’t true.”
Jenny cringed and felt tiny, and remembered that time,
When the person who hurt her; committed a crime,
Walked free, free of stigma or fear or disdain.
Jenny sat there in silence. She smothered her pain.

The jury heard family speak of the guy:
“He’d never do this, he is modest and shy!”
The guy said, “She let me in, asked me to stay,
“How else did I get in, how else did we play?”

It is true that Jenny was at first unarmed,
And the guy was wounded so he wasn’t unharmed.
But what did the jury think, who did they believe?
Was Jenny a slut, was she quick to deceive?
Did she ‘want it’, and was she just prone to attack?
Or was she a victim, who tried to fight back?