The Worst

Prompt: Giggle


Genvie and Tolly had a contest: Who could be the worst, in one week? Genvie kicked things off by parking illegally in a handicap zone at a mall, while she leisurely shopped for a new soft toy for her cat, Stinky. Tolly shared a dorm room with an academic exchange student from Australia, whom he made cry by shaving her head while she was asleep.

Genvie kept saying she ”could care less” when she meant she ”couldn’t care less”. Tolly drove below the speed limit in busy highway traffic. Genvie painted an abstract picture in shades of yellow, to which she glued golden raisins in a random pattern.

The shellfish in Tolly’s cioppinno was so egregiously undercooked that seven of his twelve guests were violently ill, and one died.

Genvie purchased a shotgun and killed her next door neighbour, Gus, for continually allowing his dog out onto the roof at 6 a.m. on weekday mornings, where he barked and disturbed the neighbours. ”That was really sick,” Tolly admitted with a giggle, to Genvie on visiting day. ”You win.”