Prompt: Street


They think it is some kind of street art. It is art, but not in the way they mean. I am an artist, but my skill is getting away with murder.

When I kill them neatly and bloodlessly, I spray pant the outline of the body. I don’t cheat: however the body falls to the ground is the art, the pose, the beautiful and unique moment. It is like the most exquisite crime scene you have ever witnessed.

And except for the paint, I keep the scenes very clean. I like to be clean. So there are beautiful body outlines in alleys behind restaurants and bars, park paths thick with pine needles, huge parking lots, and bicycle lanes that skirt the city. My art is edgy; people talk about it.

The bodies go to a special place. I don’t leave them on the street. The art is there on the street or in the path. I am grateful for the bodies.