Neutron Bomb

Prompt: Edge

red paper cup

The alarm clock blew up like a neutron bomb. He felt his head to make sure it hadn’t exploded. So far, so good. One of his “brothers” must have set the alarm as a joke. Some of his “brothers” had questionable senses of humour, and questionable everything, really.

Cash wasn’t sure if he wished to remember more of what went on last night, or less. His t-shirt stank of beer. He was wearing nothing from the waist down, not even undies.

He remembered that after the girls left, they initiated a new member. What had they done? Something with ping pong balls, flashlights, and a pogo stick. He didn’t remember an ambulance, so probably no alcohol poisoning this time.

The fallout from the bomb in his head started to spread down his neck and into his shoulders. Cash kept a bottle of aspirin and a pint of water beside his bed. There was the aspirin, but no water. Standing upright was an impossibility. So he swallowed three aspirin, dry.

This was his life now. Constantly living on the edge. No one but his “brothers” to impress or listen to. No curfews. No restraints. No inhibitions. This was his education, on which¬†they had spent so very much money. The best school. The best brothers. The best parties.

The aspirin made his stomach spasm, and he crawled to the bathroom, just in time.