Love and Oxygen

Prompt: Pat on the Back
Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.


Why is it when you leave a room, the air goes with you?
Why do I gasp for air until you return?
How do I survive an airless room?
Do I even survive the airless room?
Am I dead?
Or am I in love?
Because isn’t loving someone who sucks the life out me, foolish?
How do I find my air again?
How will I breathe when you are gone?
Why would you even leave a room, knowing you leave me gasping?
How is this love?
Can we now move to a place where oxygen masks drop down automatically when air leaves the room?
Don’t you think that’s fair?
Are there other ways to prove I love you?
Ones that don’t involve me dying of asphyxiation?



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