Nothing to See Here, but a Beautiful Photograph of Children Playing

Prompt: Life After Blogs
Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Life without a computer, on a blog, looks like this:




So how about the Weekly Photo Prompt?

Prompt: Optimistic
How do you fuel the fires of optimism?


Children playing in the tall grass. Photo by Fluffy Pool.


They are generally horrible. But we tend to forget that with each passing day, they become worse, until they turn into shitty adults.

So let’s appreciate the little munchkins each day while they are young. Remember the day they were born, when they were perfect. Realize that they will never be as precious again as they are at this very moment. A few will manage to grow into adulthood while retaining some childhood innocence, honesty, and hope. But mostly, they will become shitty adults.