What Happened?

Prompt: Stroke of Midnight
Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

Flying-Caceres trapeze

The music stopped, and he died. What happened?*

Do you remember those riddles? Another one was:

A man walked into a bar and saw two lawyers having a drink together. He pulled out a gun, shot, and killed them. Why?**

The idea was to keep asking Yes or No questions until you came to the perfectly logical solution to the mystery.

I was thinking about these riddles, and how everything seems to be a bloody riddle these days. Where was I at midnight? What happened?

I went to a party, and danced until the music stopped. Or, I walked into a bar. Or, I wrote a story about people killing each other. Or, a year passed. What happened?


*In the first riddle about the music stopping, the one who died was a trapeze artist. They rely on precise musical cues, and the conductor of the orchestra had them stop playing at a crucial moment, and he fell to his death.

**In the bar scene, the man arrived to find his wife, a lawyer, with another man, also a lawyer, whom he suspected of having an affair. I guess mediation was not in the cards.