Prompt: Ebb and Flow
Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.


People ask us if we regret the big decision. I suppose it is productive to take a moment now and then, to reflect on the past, our successes and failures, our missteps and our kindnesses, the steadiness or transience of our relationships— the ebb and flow of life.

I am writing this from Berlin, a lovely campsite with the cleanest showers, possibly of any camp site in all of Europe. I had a shower on the flight, but still, the ride to our accommodations on a hot and dusty summer day necessitated another one, which was almost as luxurious.

We don’t mind camping— it has changed a lot since I used to go into the woods with my family, setting up a canvas tent that leaked if you touched it when it rained. Now there are places like this gloriously green oasis near Berlin, a city we have never visited and so feel a genuine sense of adventure and anticipation.

We often stay with friends now, as we’ve made many throughout the world in our travels. They are delighted to accommodate us, and if we have room on the jet, we are happy to accommodate them, as well.

We spend the summers in the Northern Hemisphere, and, unless we fancy a skiing holiday or a white Christmas, we seek out the tropical climates in the winter.

I used to hate travel, remember? Now, since we sold everything, cashed in everything, put our souls on the market, I love travel, in our beautiful Hawker 800XP, modest for a private jet, but suitable for our needs.

Sometimes I miss a home, neighbours, having a big dog (when Samson passed away, we downsized)— but mostly, I do not.

And camping. Who knew I would love it again?


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