Poor Loser

Prompt: Fandom
Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not.


I am very competitive. That’s why I don’t play sports any more; in fact I stopped competitive sports in elementary school, when I didn’t make the first string volleyball team, despite being the most consistent server and best spiker on the squad.

It hurt too much to fail. I would put my heart and soul into a sport, become frighteningly single-minded— which I didn’t like either— and become despondent if I made a mistake, or someone else made a mistake, that caused us to lose.

To hell with sportsmanship, the social value of teamwork, and the thrill of the play. I only want to win.

I know it’s just a game. I know that that fear of failure affects all competitors. But for me, that little ball of stress and dread of loss always casts a deep shadow.


P.S. Go Cubs.

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