I Eat Slimy Neon Food that I Blend with Thunder

Prompt: Hate to Love
Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

sweet and sour pork

I can think of three things I truly hate to love:

  1. Buffet Chinese food: If it’s hot and fluorescent in colour, then the alleged Chinese, alleged food is a definite guilty, shameful, distressing pleasure. Neon sweet and sour pork ribs, thickly breaded and glossy, eye-wateringly yellow, shiny lemon chicken, and broccoli so bright green you know it has been treated with some kind of nuclear chemical.
  2.  Infomercials: This is an addiction. When you are a late night TV infomercial junkie, you learn to understand and appreciate the subtleties, which are actually not very subtle.  
    I bought a hand blender from a TV infomercial
    . It could apparently make a kind of whipped cream from cold skim milk. I saw it do so with my own eyes. It was called a Thunder stick, or something, and scared me half to hell, because it was so big, heavy, and loud. Did it make whipped cream from skim milk? Yes, if the milk was almost frozen and you didn’t add any sugar.
  3. Shortening: What on earth can a person do with shortening? How about eat it with a spoon, right out of the package? Cold Crisco, so smooth and slimy.

Except for the Infomercials, I don’t indulge in these guilty pleasures any more. I want to live.


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