Prompt: If I Ruled the World
You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?



It turns out that our closest relatives in the natural world are birds.

We can fly.

It is a skill that we learn throughout our lives; as babies, we crawl, as children, we walk, as teenagers, we jump, as adults, we fly. It is a matter of allowing your body to tame gravity, and your mind to overcome doubt.

Because of those factors, not everyone learns. Some of us will walk the earth until we die. Those of us that are earthbound are not considered lesser beings– we learn the art of land travel. We walk great distances. We build cars and planes. We build the roads and sidewalks, the stations and terminals. We master the skills of the forest and the seas. We tend to the animals.

Those of us that fly form extended family groups. We fly together. We fly south for the winter, we fly east to learn, we fly west to bear children, and north to preserve our art and culture. We are the leaders, because we have perspective and understand what ignorance can destroy. We are the teachers, the students, the curious, and the undaunted.


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