Climate Change

Prompt: Climate Control

coppertone sunburn

When we were kids, the sun was a different kind of entity. It was life giving, warmth giving, tan giving, and burn giving. If you got a bad sunburn, which seemed to happen every summer to me, it was not generally a life-threatening condition, as painful as it might be, and as foolish as you might feel for having got sunburnt.

In fact as kids, especially on holiday in the Okanagan where we were out by the lake and in the lake virtually all day, it was less of a sunburn and more of a cooked skin. We were all a dark reddish brown, like little cliché Natives, and in the late summer, we could peel our skin off in great sheets, which was as fascinating and wonderful as it was gross. It was not cause for panic. It was a shedding of the skin in preparation for fall, maybe, that is all.

I can’t even remember if we wore sunscreen. That’s how benign the sun was, not so very long ago.


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